Monday, October 23, 2006

Everything you wanted to know about Retirement

I am just trying to set up a blog. It will be, as the title says, about retirement. I will let you know more about the topic later. But the technicality of setting up a blog is not so easy. Which gave me a thought: Lots of people, even retired ones, or should I say especially retired ones, nowadays use computers. For many retired people it is a link out of lonelyness, a sort of lifeline. Most of us are not technical specialists in computers, we are simple users and have little interest in some of the more details, you know the "geeky stuff". So our technical skills have limits, for some of us more than for others. Getting some guidance as to keeping our computer healthy and useable, meaning to keep it free from viruses and other unpleasant things, is therefore essential. So this is, amongst many other things, a topic which we will touch on. But I have to get back to setting up the blog, otherwise it will never get published. Until the next post.